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Do we have a purpose and a destiny?
24 Jun 2003

Is there life “between” lives?

Do we have a “purpose” and a “destiny?”


By Trish Casimira, BA, CHt, LBLT.


It seems to me that we spend most of our early life discovering who we are. And then we spend the middle of life asking the question, “What is the purpose of my life?”


At some point in time, we all reach a point of dissatisfaction with life. We do not have what we want, life isn’t going according to plan, and we wonder, is there really a cosmic plan? We wonder if our life has meaning and what our purpose really is. It is a phase of life we all must pass through and it begs the question, “Why am I here?” Asking the question begins the journey to understand our lessons in life, our karma, and our oneness with the divine.


Lately many methods have emerged that support the belief that we made a sacred contract before incarnating; that we agreed to come here to Earth to learn certain lessons. One such method is Michael Newton's Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. I am honored to among the few hypnotherapists who have been trained by Dr. Newton.


These are some findings that are recalled after death via Life Between Lives Regression. In between every life, our soul journeys into the Spirit World. This is a place where all souls go to rest, rejuvenate, learn, and reflect. After a period of time spent there, the soul visits a “council of Elders” and a mission for the next life is decided. Each of us gets a choice as to what lessons our soul wishes to learn, what challenges we will face, and what body and family will allow us to accomplish this mission. So each of us decided before we incarnated what we would do here on Earth. We have choices here on Earth as to how we will follow this destiny as well. Just as there are many roads that lead to Boston, there are many paths that lead us to our destiny based on our choices.


We also made agreements with those in our “soul group” to play out certain dramas. We made “contracts” with each other to rendezvous at certain times in our lives and fulfill the agreed upon contract. Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression gives you the opportunity to speak with soul mates and ask about karmic agreements. You even made a contract with people who have caused you pain. The souls who agreed to help with tough lessons can be your most beloved soul mates.


Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression allows you to remember the pathway back into the spirit world, find your way to your Elders, and “remember” your purpose, your lessons, and to clarify your chosen destiny. Your immortal soul has the answers you seek.


A Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression takes about 5 hours. This work is very intense, and requires some trance or hypnosis experience. It is not beginner work. This is for the individual who has been on their path of enlightenment and is no longer willing to continue making mistakes that sabotage destiny. This work brings clarity and understanding of your soul purpose. It helps you to move forward and achieve your goals, and have what you want in life. It is a method to remember, accelerate your life purpose, and evolve as a soul.


To learn more about the soul journeys in the afterlife I suggest reading “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls” by Dr. Michael Newton. You can also visit his website to learn more and find a certified LBL therapist near you. Follow your heart, and remember why you are here.


Trish Casimira is a Certified Life Between Lives Therapist, Master Hypnotherapist and Shamanic practitioner with over twelve years experience. For more information on her work in Massachusetts please contact her at Casimira Hypnotherapy & Soul Journeying, 978-544-1155.  To read more about her work please visit .


Trish Casimira