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How to Get it to Work for You Full Time
14 Feb 2008

Your Mind - Working for You or Against You?
How to Get it to Work for You Full Time

By Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI

Have you ever felt like you just weren't feeling like yourself? Have you ever felt like you were in your own way, negative thoughts, frustration, negative emotions and if you could you'd jump out of your own head for a break? Sounds like your mind may be working against you.

Now, have you ever felt great, your day just goes along smoothly and all is good in your world? Nice positive thoughts, a smile on your face, relaxed and feeling good? Well, it sounds like your mind may be working for you. But one may ask why would my mind work against me … and for that matter, why would your mind work for you? Simple answer, because you made it that way. Are you curious yet?

Imagine our subconscious mind as the hard drive to your computer, you being the computer. Now this computer, you and all you are, has a keyboard too, your conscious mind, ego, thinking mind, etc. You can type all the commands you want on the keyboard and get an error message. In life this would be not doing what you'd like to do or doing something you don't want to do. This is because it's the subconscious that runs things, but, like the hard drive it doesn't think or analyze. It just follows what it believes.

What your mind believes is what it receives as directive information… your thoughts. It's not by chance or accident that if we focus on and think about being broke, our mind only knows about being broke and therefore creates this as our reality. It also not by chance or accident that someone who is more positive and calm and seems to have less problems and less struggle has thoughts based on the same. We are what we think and your mind doesn't care what you choose. Want to feel bad, okay. Want to feel good, that's okay too.

The way to get your mind to work for you full time is through practice, repetition, consistency. By learning self hypnosis and/or meditation techniques, you can live a much healthier, calmer, more focused and better life overall. Thoughts are very powerful forms of energy and what exists in your life does because you believe it. People once believed the Earth was flat, but it didn't make it so. Believe what you want, your subconscious mind is listening.