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The 7th Element Medicine Wheel Teachings
Weaving together Medicine Wheel teachings, Sacred Geometry and the Chakras, forming a matrix for healing



Are you lost?  Feel like you have no guidance?

Seeking spiritual Elders? Seeking deeper wisdom?

You can access wisdom from 4 essential and important parts of who you were born to be....



of the       



  I am of mixed blood, but my teachings are not that of my tribe, they are given to me by the Earth, the Sages of each direction and the years of devotional time in the wheel. Others have confirmed the teachings, and they have been  expanded through adding sacred geometry, understanding of the Chakra system, and other wisdoms that are understood as true. The Medicine wheel does not have ownership to one people, it is a form that is used in many ways by many people. It is the creation of sacred space. I share these teachings for the good of all, in right relationship with the Earth and all things.

Mitakuye Oyasin - we are all related.

Medicine Wheel Intensive Weekend

October 14-16, 2011

At the stone Medicine Wheel

of Earthlands in Petersham, MA


The world is changing. Ancient wisdom is rising. The Medicine Wheel is a portal… come learn to listen.

 Walking the Medicine Wheel with intention is like being in a transformational chamber to see the truth, let go of limitations, and gain the wisdom to manifest a new story. The 7th Element is the intention we use to call the energies of the directions, and the key to activating the Medicine Wheel. We can then •listen to the wisdom in that circle, •align with the energies of the earth, •connect with our center, and •listen to the ancient ones. 

The world is in rapid change and needs more Medicine Wheels. The vision I hold is of a multidimensional grid that includes native teachings, sacred geometry, and the chakra system. A shamanic approach will take us on a deep journey to find a personal connection with the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel.


  •  You will learn how to walk your truth in the Medicine Wheel.
    • The information you will learn will remove the struggle to live happier and healthier.
    • Walk the medicine wheel to remove the limiting negative stresses that cause illness and mental fatigue.
    • Clearly see your limiting beliefs, unwind the story, & empower a new belief with your “power team”.
    • Learn the ancient, natural ways to mind, body, spirit healing and to gain clear direction in your life.
    • Receive medicine words as a daily practice to guide you, expand your possibilities, bring clarity.
    • Use the wheel for understanding, problem solving, and inspiration.
    • Detailed attributes of the directions.
    • Simple ways to build your own Medicine Wheel.


If you are new you will learn the powers of each direction so that you can more fully participate in ceremonies and rituals. If you are experienced in calling the directions, this workshop will deepen your understanding of how to work with these energies.


Trish Casimira is a gifted and intuitive healer, a clear and grounded teacher, and a wonderful story teller. Her visionary practice expands the spiritual understanding of those who join in her circle. This workshop is based on the spiritual understanding and wisdom Trish has received from 15 years of working with the Medicine Wheel, and during that time learning from many powerful teachers.


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