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Native American Elders GAthering

Hello my friends
Just a remeinder that next weekend is the 21st annual
Native American Elders' Gathering at Sunray peace village
in Lincoln Vermont. It is a camping weekend, teachings
begin Friday morning at 10am, so if you are traveling any
distance you might want to arrive Thursday night to set up
camp. I hope to arrive Thursday night. If you think you
might come pop me an email so that I can save a spot for us
all, our own little tribe. This will be my 8th year at the
gathering. It fills my soul and I would not miss it!

To get full info or to register please visit their website

Here are the details:

21st Annual Native American Elders’ Gathering
At Odali Utugi “Hope Mountain”

July 29, 30, 31, 2005
Elders' Workshops continuing on August 1, 2, 2005
Work-study is available

The Annual Elders’ Gathering is a multicultural celebration
where people of many nations come together to pray, share
and study ways that we can contribute to peacemaking in the

Each year we return to the sacred fire in the Arbor of the
Peace Village to listen as Native Elders speak about
ancient teachings and prophecies that will help prepare for
the years to come.


The theme of the weekend teachings is: “Manifesting Clear
Intention in Multidimensional Realms”. The twenty-first
year is a significant time for Cherokees as it provides an
opportunity to move through each set of seven years, which
takes us into another dimension of consciousness.

The 21st Annual Native American Elder’s Gathering is a
celebration with an opportunity to recognize and observe
the dance of the Galaxies in multidimensionality.

The Annual Elders’ Gathering is a non-profit event hosted
by Sunray, the Peace Village Land Trust, and the Venerable
Dhyani Ywahoo, Chief of the Green Mountain Ani Yun Wiwa
(Cherokee) and Spiritual Leader of Sunray and the Peace
Village Land Trust.

Elders and *Workshop Presenters

Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo, Tsalagi (Cherokee)
*Grandmother Patricia Downing DeAsis, Tsalagi (Cherokee) of
*Grandfather Bernard DeAsis, Tlinget of Alaska
*Grandfather Warren Redwing Ramey, Tsalagi
*Grandfather Silver Fox, Tsalagi
*Danuta Ogaoeno, Seneca Wolf Clan
*Abuela Margarita Nunez-Garcia, Chichimeca Region, Jalisco,
Grandmother Elena & Grandfather Felipe Ixcot, Mayan of
*Grandmother Nanatasis, Abenaki
Grandmother Sylvia Jordon, Choktaw
Mike Bastine, Algonquin
*Tata Ricardo & Nana Juana, Nahuat Pipiles of El Salvador
*Lei' Ohu Ryder, Kanaka Maoli of Hawaii
*Dr. Dieta Biebel, Bavarian
Grandmother Vilma Christina Pos, Mayan of Guatemala

The Gathering Place:

The Sunray Peace Village, located in Lincoln, Vermont
approximately 1 hour south of Burlington and a half an hour
north of Middlebury at the foot of Mount Abraham. Click
here for more information about how to get here.

The Gathering Schedule:

* Arbor Teachings with Native American Elders July 29 -31,
2005: Friday-Sunday, 10am-1pm & 3pm-5pm

* Sunrise Ceremony Daily at 6:30am

* Women’s Moon Teachings and Ceremonies Daily (after
Sunrise Ceremony)

* Activities for Elementary School-age Children (Morning
and Afternoon Arbor Sessions Only)

* Healing Ceremony Saturday Evening, July 30, 2005
In 1969, the Elders of the Ywahoo lineage and other Tsalagi
Elders granted permission for this Tsalagi (Cherokee)
Healing Ceremony to be offered in ways that were
appropriate for all people. This ceremony has continued
each year to benefit the earth and change the destructive
course of the past, to one of healing. This ceremony is
open to the public. Donations are accepted, but not

Teachings and Ceremonies:

We respectfully care-take the teachings and ceremonies
shared during the Elders’ Gathering. THESE TEACHINGS AND
fees help cover the travel, food, and accommodations for
the Elders, their caretakers and families, and other
administrative and promotional expense for the Gathering.
The Gathering is a “not for profit” event run entirely by

Gathering Registration Fees:

$ 140 - Adults 18 to 65, (all 3 days) Friday-Sunday
$55 - Adults, per single day
$35 - Seniors 65 and Over (per single day)
$35 - Fulltime Students with ID (per single day)
Free - Children 14 and Under (with a registered parent or
Free - Young Adults 15-17
Free - Caregivers and Interpreters (with a registered
participant who has special needs)
Traditional Native Americans - Tradition Offerings and
Donations Accepted.

Work-study Opportunities:

There are many work-study positions available during the
Elders’ Gathering to reduce or fully cover registration
fees. The exchange is: 3 hours of work for each Arbor

Please review the list that follows, complete the
registration form, and note your work-study interest in
the comment box:
- Building and Land Maintenance
-Tent and Canopy Set-Up & Arbor Preparations
- Food Preparation, Dishwashing, & Cooking
- Housekeeping & Serving Meals
- Runners and Errands
-Translator (French, Spanish, German, & others as needed)
- Interpreters (Sign language)

Contact me: or 413-772-0023