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Past Life workshop this Thursday

Exploring Past Lives Date: Thursday, August 4, 2005
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Price: $35.00
Presenter: Trish Casimira, certified Hypnotherapist
Location: Circles of Wisdom, Andover, Ma
to register go to:
or call 978-474-8010

You have been here before, perhaps as a new soul, perhaps
old. But in each life you were working on a mission, a
purpose. Often that mission becomes a theme for several
lives and exploring your most recent past life can give you
amazing insight into your patterns and habits of the
current life. You may recognize friends and loved ones as
characters in your past life, but playing different roles.
In this workshop I will give you the basics you will need
to experience a successful past life regression. No
hypnosis experience is necessary.

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