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Belly & Womb conference 11/5

Hello Friends
I am honored to be teaching at this conference (for women
only) so please send this to any woman who might be
interested. Blessings-

Through your heartfelt efforts women discover this healing
day. Thank you!
7th Annual
Women's Belly and Womb Conference
Saturday, November 5th, 2005
Pre-conference Friday November 4th, 2005
Facilitated with ALisa Starkweather and special guest

From the life-giving belly
Return to the wild and sacred spirit of Woman

It very well may be that together we need to birth
something new from our power as women because we have the
capacity to create new life from our creativity!

Our world is calling women to be in our power, our
gut-knowing, our truth right now. Women are aching for
changes internally and externally. We are facing terrible
destruction and disease and growing hardships. Many of us
have already lived through inner and outer wars long before
now. In spite of this we still long to be in our bodies,
know our ecstasy, share our gifts and be present with life
as life is occurring. In an unprecedented container, the
Women's Belly and Womb Conference deliberately makes space
for collective healing. It is not just a learning and
informational day. It is a day to make new choices, to come
out of denial, to recommit to our visions, our lives
through loving our bodies and who we are in this world. It
is an unforgettable moment in the life of a woman when she
recognizes more of who she is and what is possible in her
life. It is fertile ground for transformation. We make
space for what needs healing in hearts, bellies, wombs and
lives as women. Welcome to the 7th generation of the
Women's Belly and Womb day! JOIN US! It is going to be even
more awesome than ever before because we just keep getting
more beautiful as we gather year after year. Come dressed
in red!

To register and find out more go to this website

If you have problems with this Google "ALisa Starkweather"
and go to my website. Click the Belly icon.

Registration fee is $150 and includes a vegetarian lunch
and dinner.

Contact with questions or call 978 939
5366. Registration forms can be printed online. It is held
in Shutesbury, Massachusetts at Sirius. Pre-registration is
necessary and will need to be done ASAP to assure correct
numbers for cooking meals. There is a limit of 100 women
who are able to attend due to space so please register soon
to save your place here if you are planning on coming. You
can call Sirius office for lodging (413)259-1251 at $40 per
night including your breakfast.

November 4th Pre-conference events on Friday evening:

Opening the RED TENT to honor all women and share our
Maps of the Clitoris; The Truth About Female Anatomy Sheri
Winston $20 7:30- 10pm
Sparkling the Jewel: Playing with and Strengthening our
Deep Muscles Through Belly Dance
Heléna Melone $15 8pm- 10pm

November 5th, Saturday 8:30 am until 1O:30pm

Showing Up and Loving Ourselves Right Here and Now
ALisa Starkweather and Morning Star Chenven

Toltec Womb Passes: Clearing the Fog form the Belly's
Intuitive Center
Kimberely Eve aka Jaia

Awakening the Fire in the Belly - Middle Eastern Dance
Shakti Rowan

Into the Belly of Grandmother Bear Trish Casimira

The Blood Mysteries: A Ritual of Empowerment for Maidens,
Mothers and Crones
Camilla Parham known now as Opeyemi

Voice of our Spirit the Song of our Body Shawna Carol

Personal Boundaries as Sacred Trust Sandra Boston

BodyDance Belly Power Alisa Wright

Your Body IS the Sound of Power and Joy Julie Woods

Red Power - Honoring the Medicine Wheel of the Moontime: A
Celebration of Menstrual Health, Traditions & Wisdom Sheri

Priestessing Your Relationship with Your Belly's Hungry
Joanna Lindenbaum and Dawn Copeland of NYC's WomanVision

Community Healing Ritual: Sourcing Power in Our Bellies for
Strength in These Times ALisa Starkweather

Herbal Teas for our bellies and wombs

Celebration of Our Bellies and Wombs Shakti Rowan assisted
by Heléna Melone

Women's Council ALisa Starkweather and Shawna Carol

An evening SURPRISE and an All Women's Dance Event with
Belly Painting at night

Why Would YOU want to attend
the Women's Belly and Womb Conference?

First of all, because it is way fun and very alivening to
be in such a rich circle of women who are awake, alive and
ready for a day like this in their year! Our Women's Belly
and Womb Conference is for us as women. We gather as a
strong community of women for you to know but first one
must show up.

Do any of these things apply to you? If you are a woman,
than you have a belly and womb story. It is a radical idea
to pay tribute to our journey concerning our lives. There
is not another Belly and Womb Day on the entire planet like
this one! Let's stay healthy and honor ourselves. Note:
Women without wombs are so welcome here. Your story is

Are you able to love your body, your belly, your self, your
womanhood with unequivocal acceptance? Do you carry shame
about your body? Do you have a cultural base that honors
your beauty and your size? Have you ever suffered from an
eating disorder? Can you allow yourself to age?

Are you disease free in your colon, liver, pancreas, small
intestine, spleen, stomach, sexual organs (including sexual
diseases and viruses)? Do you still have a uterus? Have you
had any major surgery for childbirth or for your health
that involves your belly and or womb? What is your mother's
herstory with her body? Do you suffer from PMS or hormonal

What is your herstory with fertility? Are you able to bear
children? Are you resolved with your birth stories (i.e.
C-sections, stillbirths, traumatic births, adoptions)? Are
you resolved in your decisions to terminate a pregnancy?
Did you ever have an opportunity to grieve your loss or
release your guilt? Did you have support for the choices,
the losses, and the destiny of your path as a woman? How do
you feel about yourself as a mother? How do you feel about
yourself as being childless?

Have you suffered sexual, emotional or physical abuse in
your life? Are you able to deal with how you may abuse
yourself by your internal dialogue or your actions? Do you
feel empowered to thrive and shed another layer of pain?
Are you depressed in your gut?

Do you honor your gut feelings and intuition? Do you get
indigestion, stomach upsets or sluggish digestion? Where
does fear live in your body? Where does power live in your
body? If you got in touch with the power you hold deep in
your belly how could it be used as a catalyst for truth,
action and empowerment for good in your life?

What happened when you first began to bleed as a young
woman? Was your period or moontime celebrated? How do you
honor your rites of passage now with your daughters, your
Menopause years, and your monthly cycles? Do you
participate in women's circles, rituals or ceremonies
intentionally honoring the Goddess in every woman? Do you
want to?

Do you maintain any spiritual practices that cultivate
energy in your belly for longevity and well being? Our chi,
or life force, generates from our hara below the belly
button. Do you know how to gather universal energy, store
it and renew it? Do you breathe well? How much ecstasy do
you allow yourself?

How are your relationships with other women? Do you trust
them or compete with them? Do you feel superior, inferior
or equal to them? Do you want healing that happens in the
context of what we have endured together in this culture?
Have you done any Shadow Work to find out where you might
be projecting parts of your self onto others? Do you want
find meaningful ways to connect right now?

Do you have a yes or a no inside your belly that aches to
be spoken? Do you have a love for life on earth that
demands you to know what you know and to voice your
opinions? Do you need more energy to act from? Have you let
sound out of the silent places inside? Is it time for you
to come out, to come up, to be seen?

These are some of the many complex issues and questions
that the Women's Belly and Womb Conference seeks to
address. Any woman can find something of importance for her
own healing and growth.

As you can see the Belly and Womb Conference has a wide
"birth" of reasons why it is important for us as women to
gather and as women we have a distinct journey with our
belly and womb. When we detest, reject, or disown it we cut
ourselves off from the very source that could feed us,
nourish us and empower us to live more meaningful lives. It
is a time for all women of all ages to meet one another eye
to eye, heart to heart and belly to belly. It has been said
that this mere day, this precious time together, has
permanently changed lives for the better in meaningful ways
that matter to us on a day to day basis. Please consider
joining us for this eventful community day. If you are
unable to come, please hold us in prayer. We are showing up
in our power as women in multitude of ways, especially now.
Blessed Be.

"When ALisa wrote that it would be an unforgettable day in
my life as a woman, it was an understatement. It changed
everything and I have been blossoming ever since. It was
the day of many firsts as a woman and it was like going
inside out with myself or from flat to three dimensional.
I found my voice for the first time and discovered my own
uniqueness. I have traveled far to attend because I
consider the day a celebration of rebirth of my own inner
Goddess. It is a homecoming but without coming you never
really know who you are missing." Mariella Bozzuto,
Graduate student of Ancient Languages

Contact me: or 413-772-0023