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Shamanism workshop this Sunday

Practacle Shamanism

Sunday September 24: at Green River Yoga, 151 Main St.,
MA (above World Eye Books)

1pm - 5pm, $50
to register: 978-544-1155

No mater what your ancestry a shaman was part of your early
history. The Shaman’s path may be calling to you, and this
first class will help you decide if you are to take this
walk, to speak to your ancestors, to learn from your guides
in the shaman way.

The shaman’s path begins with finding your animal spirit
guide. This guide helps with issues on the physical plane.
Grandmother Bear will assist you.

I have been communing with the Spirit of Bear as well as
many other animal spirits for years, and have learned much.
Bear teaches about the elemental self, the self we see when
the lights are out, when we help others and when fear is in
the air. Bear, as she hibernates, journeys inward to the
true self, the sustainable self, the wounded self, and the
hidden self. Bear Medicine, as she taught to me and I share
with you, is a journey to understand the self. She will be
our guide and show you the path of your calling.

There is still room, call 978-544-1155 for more
information and to register.
Bright Blessings,

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