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Daughters of the Earth-a Women's Tribal Event

Hello my friend
Although I am not holding workshops in
Greenfield this summer, I am teaching at several powerful

Next weekend is one of the most sacred women's events I
participate in, and wanted to share it with you. If you
know a woman who would be interested, please forward this
info. If you are ready for a powerful weekend, check it
out. If you are a brother recieving this, please send it to
the most powerful women you know. The description is below

Another powerful women's event where I will teach is
WomenCircles on 8/26-31 at Rowe Camp, Rowe, MA

and every third Monday at circles of Wisdom I teach Animal
Speak-Shamanic wisdom. Check it out at, type in my name.

Hope you are having a great summer!

Bright Blessings,
Casimira Hypnotherapy & Soul Journeying
Greenfield, MA

Daughters of the Earth Gathering; a Women's Tribal Event

August 4th-6th, 2006 at Earthlands in Petersham, Ma

Calling the women to gather on the Mother Earth for
council, healing, celebration and wisdom. Four temples in
honor of the elements will be raised on the land to honor
the women.

Connection to the Earth and Our Body: Enter the Temple of
Healing and Dance

Connection to the Air and Our Breath:
Enter the Sky Temple of Inhaling Inspiration

Connection to the Fire and Our Spirit:
Enter the Phoenix Temple of Passion and Pleasure

Connection to the Water and Our Moontime, Womb Journeys and
Enter the Women's Red Tent

Classes led by fifteen teachers and visionary of Daughters
of the Earth, ALisa Starkweather

ALisa is the founder of Priestess Path Apprenticeship, (a
women's mystery school with 175 graduates who pursued
understanding the archetype of the priestess and her role
for women in modern society today), the Women's Belly and
Womb Conferences, Daughters of the Earth Gatherings and
co-founder of Women in Power; Initiating Ourselves to the
Predator Within. ALisa is a ceremonialist, women's
empowerment trainer, community builder, Shadow Work and
breathwork facilitator and has three CD's of her original
chants for circles, Daughter of the Earth, Calling Us Home
and Women Rise Up.

Preview of classes below that will be at Daughters of the
Earth Gathering:

Opening the Heart Chakra through Yoga

"Women Bleed but we do not die" A Ritual of Recovery
ZoNeChAnTing : The Sounds of Empowerment

"Why don't You See it My Way?" Traversing the Bumpy
Relationship Road From Impasse to Re-connection

Caressed by Flame: An Introduction to Contact Fireplay

Silk Painted Mandalas / Sun catchers

Ancestral Ritual

Tribal Style Bellydance

Honoring the Dragon of your Womb

Power Retrieval

Women's Council

Ceremonial Drum Lodge-Drumming in the Four Directions

Crone's Hut Wisdom

Woman Gathering in the Red Tent Share stories and laughter

Dance of Life Tango Lesson

Women’s Firecircle Ceremony with drum and dance

Sunrise Ceremony


Dream Sharing

Herb Walk

Morning Writing Practice

Silent Time with Self, Earth and non-human life.

Community Circle Dance

Transformational Breathwork for Community Women’s Healing

"Exploring the Heart and Soul of Sex”: A Ritual of

The Journey home- Integrating Power & Releasing Limitations

World of Possibilities Trance Dance

Shadow Work Now/ Ask Questions Later

Bringing it Home and Out to the Larger World

This year we are offering a teen program also at the
gathering. All women 21 and under are $125. Registration is
open until August 1st. Camping, events and meals $250.
There is optional bunkbed rental at Earthlands an
additional $50. Registration is with Jen Becki or call at 802 387 6769. Website has
been temperamental but the schedule and teachers,
registration sheet, Paypal is all there. Two ways to get
there. Here is the link,
If this fails, go to Google, put in ALisa Starkweather, go
to her website, push the brown menu bar with sunflower and
this will lead you to the site.

Please consider sharing this information as all events are
word of mouth, via our circles and emails and lists. Thank

The CALL: WE GATHER THE WOMEN; the drummers, the dancers,
the singers, the healers, the priestesses, the dreamers,
the weavers, the mystical and wise ones. We call the young
ones, the mothers, the seekers, the elders, the women who
know that their power, their visions and essence are needed
in all forms of expression for the balance of life now.
This women's gathering is a deep exploration of our
visions, voice, magic, intentions, and our place here on
the planet sharing stories and inspiration that will help
guide and sustain us during these times. Facilitated in a
spontaneous yet organized "be-in-the-moment way" to meet
our many soul hungers, we will share a rich array of our
gifts collectively.

We share in common our need to rest, eat, dance, talk,
council, heal, and be in ceremony together.

We share the need to be on the earth, outside, rooted and
connected to the sacred land.

We hunger for dreams, insights, validation, deep meaningful
interactions and inspiration to live our lives ever more
powerfully in service to life.

In the safety of one another's company we shed our old skin
anew and share in the natural transformation that comes
from being together.

We need and hunger for safe places to cry, laugh, scream,
be seen and touch our own wild and ecstatic natures (your

Under the moon we howl and build a community of women,
called to this vision to meet face to face as daughters of
this beautiful Mother Earth.

Other places to gather in ceremony on the land are the
Stone People's Lodge, the Firecircle and the Medicine
Circle. We will designate the Maiden's Grove, the Crone's
Hut and the Mother's Milk Stream. Also on the land is a
4000 year old ceremonial site from a matriarchal tribe.
Earthlands is off the grid and is an ecological community.

The shadow sides of our lives when we do not meet our
Not being connected to the earth, our body and our joy.
Not breathing, and feeling afraid, sad or stuck in despair.
Not accepting our passion or rage as a tool for action and
boundary setting.
Not honoring our moontime, our wombs and our grief.
Not honoring our passages of life. Feeling very hungry for
something difficult to name. Not following our intuitions
and dreams.

Sisters, whether you come or not, please take precious care
of your deep soul needs. You are worth it.

"With ALisa, magic definitely happens." ~ Jane Glesne

Contact me: or 413-772-0023