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8/26-31, WOMEN'S CIRCLES, A Women's camp

Women Circles:
A Community of Heart and Spirit

August 26- 31, 2006

For 31 years, women have returned to this land to enter
into the mysteries and have brought new women to share in
their experience. We come together from all directions to
explore a magical realm unique to this community and this
land. WomenCircles becomes a mystery school, an ancient
temple like Brigadoon or the Mists of Avalon. We can return
to each year to heal, to rest, to retreat into our mystical
selves, to experience simple truths and moments of peace.
We ask only two things – to be present in the moment and to
stay in your heart.

At Rowe, women’s spirits are honored, nurtured, and
celebrated. We recognize the Goddess through many
traditions, choosing one goddess each year to explore. This
year we will find the powerful heart of Venus, the Goddess
of Love, focusing on the lesser known Venus of Columba,
“who believes that peace in our hearts and love in our
actions is the only way to begin to heal the torn fiber in
humanity.” Through a carefully designed program developed
by a powerful core staff of women, we embrace the mystical
experiences surrounding us, claiming her healing powers for
our own and committing to her healing work. We will expand
our knowledge of gentle action toward peace. Through
ceremony, sharing, dance, drumming, poetry, and our
mystical wise selves, we find her gift of beauty and find a
new way to feel our passion.

At WomenCircles, we find a path to the Goddess in ourselves
and in each other through rituals, process work, mutual
acceptance, and wild celebration. The goddess is reborn in
our hearts each August at Rowe. Healing work requires
energy and seriousness of purpose, as well as patience and
compassion. Our goal is to honor and support each woman’s
different way and to share her tears, laughter, and

Favorite offerings include crone wisdom, shamanism, Wicca,
a WomenCircles sweat lodge, t’ai chi, earth-based
traditions, journalism, and poetry. This year’s guest staff
will present workshops on drumming, music, and dream work.
We’re also free to swim in nearby lakes, walk in the woods,
sun on the rocks at the Whirlies, connect with friends, or
find a quiet place alone to nap or read, attending lovingly
to our spiritual selves. To quote a woman of the circle,
“Come, your soul will be eternally grateful.”

Eclipse Fey Falconbridge is the author of The Moon In Hand
/ A Mystical Passage and two sets of divination cards: The
Journey to the Heart and The Singing Forest. She is an
activist, healer, ritual artist, founder of the Magaian
apprenticeship program, and she has been co-director of
WomenCircles for 19 years.
Felicity Pickett, director of Rowe Camp and Conference
Center, is a kind and compassionate human being with a
passion for dreams, Rowe, and WomenCircles. Our talented
staff will include Heather Alexander, artist, craftswoman,
writer, and Reiki healer; Pam Padula, healer and
astrologer; Phyllis Brooks, teacher of Shambala
Multidimensional healing and flower essences and sweat
lodge practitioner; Sapphire Stretton, author and certified
healing touch energy practitioner; Joanne Dorrance, body
worker, cranio-sacral therapist, and lover of poetry;
Gretchen Harvey, Magaian priestess and firedancer; Trish
Casimira, hypnotherapist, Life Between Lives regressionist,
voyager Tarot teacher, and shamanic practitioner; and Annie
Hasset, singer and T’ai Chi teacher. Guest staff include
Reign, drummer, intuitive healer, and water pourer; Ion,
spiritual teacher and dream worker; Marie Summerwood,
songwriter and spiral path worker.

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