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Animal Speak workshop in Great Barrington

Hi Folks
I am teaching at Crystal essence in Great Barrington Ma.
This store is fabulous, definitely worth the trip to peruse
the fun stuff they have there. This ought to be a great
workshop! Their space is great. Please forward this to
anyone you know who might be interested, many thanks.

Shamanic Wisdom:
Animal Speak
With Trish Casimira

October 22 & 29, 2006 ~ 1pm-5pm
Early Registration by October 15th $110, $120 thereafter
Crystal Essence
39 Railroad Street
Great Barrington, MA 01230
For more information or to register
call (413) 528-2595

Message Bringers & Protector Totem Class 1: October 22
Do animals seem to regularly cross your path or show up in
your dreams? They are your "Message Bringer Totems". Even
pets hold wisdom for you. Come. Learn to listen. Learn to
animal speak. Learn to journey...
Then, to accompany you on your shamanic exploration, we
will find your Protector Totem, one who will guide you
through the mystical realms. With Ted Andrews' permission
we will use wisdom from his Animal Speak Workbook. This
class will teach you to journey to your totem animals, and
discover the wisdom they have been waiting to tell.
Come learn to listen. Learn Animal Speak.

Healer & Teacher Totem Class 2: Oct 29
Animal guides are here for our personal healing. Part 2
will open the door for the Healer Totem to begin working
with you, to face fears and limitations. Once you learn to
listen, animal speak & journey in class 1, the Teacher
Totem will bring you wisdom on how to use all these
energies in your life, and how to speak with your animals
on a regular basis.

Trish Casimira has been teaching shamanism with
heartfelt joy for over 12 years. She also
facilitates shamanic healing, soul retrieval,
and relationship clearing. Her channeled shamanic
readings are unusual and incredibly insightful.
Learn more about Trish's work at her website:

Contact me: or 413-772-0023