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Past Life Workshop, today in Greenfield

Past Life Regression Workshop
with Trish Casimira, Certified Hypnotherapist
Saturday, October 28, 1 - 5 pm, $49
at Green River Yoga Studio (above World Eye Books)
151 Main Street, Greenfield MA. 978-544-1155

Gain insight to your life by looking into the mirror of the

Have you ever asked yourself : Have I lived before? Who am
I? These are some of the questions that lead to past life

It is possible that you have been working on the same
issues for many lifetimes. We tend to repeat the lessons,
but from a different angle in each life. When we discover
what the issues are we can make sure we “get it” and move
on in our evolution.

Or perhaps you are just curious as to other lives with no
serious agenda. Maybe you wonder why another time or
country feels so familiar. Or maybe you have a friendship
that feels like it has existed forever. You can explore the

This workshop will educate you to the power of your
subconscious mind and the natural use of hypnosis. You will
be guided on a past life journey, returning to the origin
of your question: the first lifetime you had the
experience. Asking specific questions to tie the
information you receive to the lessons of your current
life, your subconscious mind will find that information and
reveal a story to assist you in your understanding. We’ll
conclude with sharing of stories.

No experience necessary. Please bring a journal. For more
information or to pre-register please call Trish
(978-544-1155 or

Contact me: or 413-772-0023