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Voyager Tarot Level II, 12/10, Andover MA

Voyager Tarot Level II
Date: Sunday, December 10, 2006
Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Price: $125.00
Presenter: Trish Casimira
Location: Circles of Wisdom, Andover, MA


Want to learn an easy way to read tarot? This is the class
for you!

In this class you will learn to use the tarot as a
multidimensional tool to understand yourself, know how to
combine numerology and astrology with tarot, and read for
others from the intuitive self. Memorization is not
required! The tarot is a tool to understand yourself and
its knowledge is accessible to everyone. This class breaks
through the mystery of tarot and shows a simple method to
use imagery, symbolism and intuition for reading tarot
cards. We will continue our exploration of the Major
Arcana, and focus on several spreads: the Holistic spread
to understand the Minor Arcana and use the cards to see how
you feel about the current situation. This spread gives an
amazingly accurate look at the inner world. The Decision
Making reading will help you discover where your real
desires are, where your challenges are, and steer you
toward the choice that is right for you. And the
magnificent Whole Self Mandala will explore your life
situations with new perspective. Beginners will learn an
easy method for reading tarot. Intermediate readers will
expand your knowledge of symbolism and advanced readers
will understand how to read the personality and add these
readings to your repertoi

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