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Tarot class tonight in Andover

Hi Friends
I completely ditzed on sending out a newsletter, so if you
are free tonight comeonover, and if you know any
last-minute folks who are interested in tarot can you
please let them know about this great class tonight in
Andover. Many thanks

Your Life Card in the Tarot Date: Friday, September 7, 2007

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Price: $30.00
Presenter: Trish Casimira
Location: Circles of Wisdom

You can know a world of information in one card - your
life card. Just like your sun sign, your tarot life card
informs the strengths that you brought into life with you
for your amazing journey. This Major Arcana card is a
mirror of who you are and will reveal your strengths &
weaknesses, and the 4 corresponding Minor cards will reveal
your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual qualities,
as well as strategies for life. Using the Voyager Tarot,
Trish will teach you how to calculate your number, how to
read symbols, and how to read for yourself and others. For
beginners and experienced readers. This class is also an
introduction to Voyager Tarot, whose creator, James
Wanless, will be coming to New England in November to teach

warm blessings,
Casimira Hypnotherapy and Soul Journeying

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