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Spirit Bear Lodge-Native American Retreat

Hi Friends
I will be teaching with my Native brother Michael Redsky at
Spirit Bear Lodge Retreat. If you know anyone with a desire
for Native teachings, please send this to them. Thank you.

the last email I sent had the wrong web address, the
correct one is

Redsky Healing Spirit Bear Lodge
September 21 - 23, 2007

Calling all Healers for a weekend of Healing Mother Earth

Michael Redsky awoke on March 23, 2007 with a premonition
that he was sent here to save Mother Earth. The Creator
revealed to him that he has a mission to gather spiritually
like-minded people at Eagles Landing in Chesterfield, MA
for a weekend of drumming, dancing, singing, storytelling
and prayer. At this gathering, he wishes especially to
bring women together to impart on them the wisdom of the
Sacred Ones to harness the power of their feminine energy.

Michael was gifted with a prophecy, a vision, of the power
of this feminine energy to take back our Mother Earth. In
his unique way of connecting with the Old Ones he was told
that he must share their wisdom and teach women to empower
each other. He will show women how to learn from each
other to harness their beautiful gifts to heal our troubled

Native American culture has prophesized that it is now that
we must pray to the beat of one Grandmother so that our
great Mother Earth will hear the simple, pure song of one
drum. She will feel our hearts beat as one, embrace us and
release herself to us.

The Sacred Ones have gifted Michael with the vision that is
the woman, the mother, the nurturing one, who can heal the
emotional wounds of this earth through love. It is the
feminine energy that can accept all, love all and heal all.
Experience the pure beauty and boundless joy that this
insight will bring to you.

Michael Redsky, through traditional Native American
ceremony will unleash these amazing gifts. In this, the
age of the woman, he will help you unlock your soul and
release the power within your spirit. Manifest your gifts
as a woman as the universe wills you to do. Become one
with your sisters, and brothers, to heal the wounded soul
of this beautiful world.

Healing Weekend Retreat - $300 per person
$400 per person for registration after 9/7/2007
September 21 - 23, 2007

Contact me: or 413-772-0023