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Fool to Fortune w/ James Wanless & Trish Casimira

We are proud to sponsor the Voyager Tarot New England Tour!

James Wanless, PhD, creator of Voyager Tarot

& Trish Casimira, Certified Voyager Coach,

will be presenting several amazing workshop in New England.
see main page of website for full schedule and descriptions

Nov. 11, "Fool to Fortune" 6-9pm,
at Casimira Hypnotherapy, Greenfield, MA

Fool to Fortune: The Great Adventure

Discover your map (mythic action plan) to create and reach
your destiny through the opportunities and lessons
symbolized by the Voyager Tarot Archetypes 0 Fool – X
Fortune. You will learn how to "read the cards" and get
insight into the age-old quests of freedom, love,
creativity, success, health, balance, wisdom, growth and
happiness. And it's fun!


James is absolutely my favorite teacher! He is fabulous,
fun, and full of amazing knowledge. You won't want to miss
the chance to be in his workshops. James is a corporate
shaman, truly a "bridge between worlds"

His readings are more like coaching, helping you to
understand your best strategies to create the future of
your desires. His insights are incredible and your reading
will be transformational!

Contact me: or 413-772-0023