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Shamanic Studies - Snake, 3/19

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Dear Friends
There are a few seats left for tomorrow night's Shamanic
Studies - Snake. I have some amazing insight that was given
to me in the dessert in Nevada just last month. This
workshop will be special. The time is now to shed the old
and embrace the new. Please come if you can.

Animal Wisdom-Shamanic Studies
with Trish Casimira.
Usually the third Wednesday of the Month, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
278 Main St. Suite 210, Greenfield, MA
$30 each/ $100 for all four
In this series of workshops, we will use shamanic wisdom,
drumming, guided imagery, and Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak
Workbook, to journey deep into the self. Each month we
will explore a different animal and element to discover the

wisdom they have been waiting to tell.

Come learn how to listen. Shamanism can bring
enlightenment to the beginning of your journey or enhance
the path you’ve already chosen. Open to new and seasoned

Bring a journal, water, and a scarf to cover your
eyes. The studio has blankets to lay on but bring a
backjack if you wish. Also bring a sacred object, such as a

crystal, to be used in journeying.

Space is limited to 12 students; please pre-register to
assure your space.

For more information or to pre-register, contact Trish
Casimira (978-544-1155 or or

March 19 - Animal Wisdom, Shamanic Studies: Snake, Fire:
Are you in a time of transformation? Snake will teach how
to let go, embrace the death & rebirth cycle. What have you

outgrown? It’s time to shed the old and make way for the
new. Snakes are deaf, they teach us not to listen to lies,
especially the ones we tell ourselves. Come journey to the
wisdom Snake is waiting to share. Passion for Aries, Leo,
and Sagittarius.

Contact me: or 413-772-0023