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Crop Circle Movie tonight, 7pm, Greenfield

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Hi Friends
Sorry for the really-last-minute notice, I have been away for a week at the Women's Sundance Ceremony...powerful.

Tonight is one of the best crop circle movies I've seen so far. Please come if you can, 7pm at my office 278 Main St, Suite 210, Greenfield. 413-772-0023. Feel free to send this along to anyone interested. $5 suggested donation.

The following is from the movie producer's website:

A CROP CIRCLE Documentary by Patty Greer
UK - Summer 2007


***Jack Groverland, Minister 30 years ~ Unity Church (USA)
As you know, I have read a number of books on crop circles and seen most of the highly recommended films on the subject, of which "THE WAKE UP CALL ~ ANYBODY LISTENING?" is the best.
Having attended the 2005 Crop Circle Symposium in Glastonbury, England and visited first hand numerous crop circles, and listened to many authorities lecture on this phenomena, I have two conclusions.
First, I believe that anyone who looks into the crop circle phenomena with an open mind will be convinced that they are manifestations of some intelligence or power beyond human capability. The claims that these majestic mandalas in the fields are man made are beyond absurd in the face of the documented evidence and personal testimonies to the contrary. Which leads to my second conclusion:
"The Wake Up Call, Anybody Listening?" is by far the best documentary film on crop circles to date. Kudos to you, Patty Greer, for making the most informative, inspiring and beautifully crafted movie on this mind blowing subject of crop circles.
Sincerely, Jack Groverland

An intimate group of Crop Circle researchers & explorers from all over the world met early each morning at the Silent Circle Cafe. They shared coffee and whispered about the newest Crop Circle formations, then headed into the English farmlands to find them. Mind you, this was not an easy task unless you were flying.

They were a congregation of artisans, intellects & druids with a common passion who considered themselves to be fortunate pioneers of an amazing phenomena. Every day was a treasure hunt & every night a mystery.

From the air the Crop Circles displayed intricate 3-dimensional patterns. They were masterpieces of art laid into fields of wheat, canola, barley and corn. The grains were seamlessly swirled down into perfect circles, sharp angles and immaculate pathways. Many had breathtaking centerpieces. The formations were mystifying, meticulous and energetically buzzy within.

In 2007 there were 153 Crop Circles reported worldwide. 53 of them were found in the UK while countless others went unnoticed. There was a world record “ Latest Crop Circle Ever ” (by 2 months) in England on November 15th, 2007. Anybody Listening?

I spent a month in the UK fields and saw new formations almost every day. I was always drawn to the center and laid down. I felt a presence and saw things I hadn’t ever seen before; I wasn't’t alone.

Sometimes we sat in the misty rain on the hillsides late into the night, fearlessly watching the skies and waiting. We were chilled to the bone but unable to leave. Some of us saw “Balls of Light” in the night skies & in the Crop Circles.

After shooting over 1,100 photos with my (simple) Canon Powershot camera, I hired a 4-man, 3-camera UK film crew for a 12 hour day. We filmed the interviews inside Crop Circles and Stone Formations on a beautiful sunny day that the locals said was the only day the sun had shone in weeks! I flew in a small plane without the door on a few times to get the aerial shots, and created the documentary.

Experience something few humans will ever get to see. The flawless precision & sacred geometry of Crop Circles, offering instant subconscious information that enhances the viewer effortlessly and lasts a lifetime. You’ll feel like you’ve been in the Crop Circles after watching this movie, and most of your Crop Circle questions will be answered. Enjoy mesmerizing photos, stories and music throughout.

Exclusive interviews with some of today's most passionate researchers:
Janet Ossebaard, Bert Janssen, Patricia Cori,
Palden Jenkins, Charles Mallett, Bearcloud, Nick Ashron, Terry Dobney,
Geneva MacLaughlin, Tony Hughes and Patti Cota-Robles.

This is a Wake Up Call to Listen.

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