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UFO movie This Thursday, shamanic studies, more...

Hello friends
Here are the November classes:

11/20 UFO Movie Night-Peter Robbins Presents Excerpts and Outtakes from 30 Years in Ufology

11/25 Shamanic Studies-Bear Medicine

This Thursday 11/20, will be another viewing of a UFO Congress DVD. This month the speaker is Peter Robbins. Film starts at 7pm, sliding scale of $5-$1. 278 Main St., Suite 210, Greenfield, MA. Please call to reserve your seat-413-772-0023

Peter Robbins Presents Excerpts and Outtakes from 30 Years in Ufology
During his years in the field, Peter Robbins’ travels have taken him to many places and put him in contact with hundreds of UFO witnesses and experiences. Many of his contacts are former and current military and intelligence personnel. Not surprisingly, he has built up a battery of accounts that have never made it into print. Some of these have been shared with him, others have happened to him. These stories run the gamut, from the unnerving, to the frightening, to the genuinely funny. In this unique presentation he shares some of the most memorable of these accounts with us. Do not miss this one-of-a-kind talk from one of ufology’s most respected contributors. Peter Robbins has been involved in UFO studies for three decades, as a researcher, investigator, writer, lecturer and activist. He is co-author of the British best seller, Left at East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-Up and Investigation. Peter has consulted on UFO documentaries, edited a highly regarded paranormal website , and written several hundred articles, editorials, commentaries and columns.

Robbins has lectured extensively in the US, the United Kingdom and abroad on topics including the United Kingdom’s RAF Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO incident; the suppression of UFO information by the American and British Governments; Dr. Wilhelm Reich and UFOs; the UFO abduction phenomenon; and the 1950s: Golden Age of UFO literature.

Tuesday 11/25 Shamanic Studies, Bear Medicine
7-9pm, $30
It is time to prepare for the hibernation of winter. what will you take into your inner cave to work on? This workshop will focus on Grandmother bear, and journey to her wisdom. Please bring a journal, eye cover, and thoughts about your winter introspection.
NOTE: the shamanic wisdom series is being presented on Tuesday nights for the winter. The cost of the 4 part series is $100, or pay monthly at $30.

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