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No UFO movie, see Freddy Silva instead

Hi Friends
My dear friend, and brilliant scientist Freddy Silva is giving a lecture on orbs just south of Boston. I truly believe that Freddy is an important figure in the transformation of consciousness of our planet and you should liten to him any chance you can. Since his lecture is on the same night as the UFO movie night, I am asking you to consider going to hear him instead. Orbs are fascinating, I certainly have my share of Orb pictures... and we should hear what he has to say.

If you are interested in going and carpooling, let me know and I can help organize the caravan.

We will resume the UFO movie night in January.


For my third presentation in Westwoods, MA, I will be sharing evidence of how the invisible world is making itself visible. Particularly at sacred sites, where the Earth’s magnetic pathways of energy come together to create alters— as they used to be called less than two centuries ago!

At such places— be they pyramids, Gothic cathedrals, even genuine crop circles— certain natural forces combine that enable an interchange of information between worlds. Along these interstellar conveyor belts, communication with more refined levels of reality is more common than we believe.

I will also share my experiments that vectored orbs in the temples of Luxor and Edfu, demonstrate how geometric form and the human soul are bound by resonance; and how, from time to time, certain luminous orbs incarnate as "the tall ones" from our ancient history.

This is a particularly poignant lecture, especially at this time of the solar year when we honor the rebirth of the hero and the return of the spiritual soul.

CENTER at WESTWOODS, Dec. 18, Westwood, MA
Orbs, Crop Circles and Sacred Spaces: The Manifestation Of Soul? 7-9pm
590 Gay St, Westwoods, MA. $20 / $25 at door. Pre-registration required. Call 781.329.0711
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