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UFO Thursday, Shamanic Studies next Tuesday

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Hello Friends
This Month's UFO DVD is Thursday 3/19, 7pm, $5 donation

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos Presents Legacy of the Gods - New Discoveries in the Ancient Astronaut Field

Chariots of the Gods? Did extraterrestrials visit Earth in the remote past? Are modern UFO reports old news? Is there evidence of ancient alien technology? Do ancient texts refer to alien visitors? Fasten your seatbelts as Giorgio A. Tsoukalos takes you on a high-octane thrill ride around the globe presenting new discoveries in the Ancient Astronaut field. In this dynamic, fast-paced slide and video presentation, you'll encounter mysterious representations of "flying turtles," the global phenomenon of "Inca" walls, the global presence of high-tech core drill holes, Stone Pyramid of Greece, the flattened mountain tops of Nazca and much, much more "Forbidden Archaeology"! Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is the Director of The Center for Ancient Astronaut Research (A.A.S.R.A.), whose mission is to prove whether or not extraterrestrials visited Earth in the remote past. The A.A.S.R.A. publishes the world's definitive Ancient Astronaut journal, Legendary Times.
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has often been described as the real-life Indiana Jones. As a trailblazer and expedition leader he is changing the way the world thinks about the Ancient Astronaut Theory. As the world's leading Ancient Astronaut expert, Giorgio has appeared on the Travel Channel, the National Geographic Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel, and many international television and radio programs talking about the latest discoveries in the Ancient Astronaut field. For more information, visit Tsoukalos’ websites: and

Shamanic Studies: RABBIT
Tuesday, 3/24, 7pm, $25

In the Cherokee history the Rabbit is the trickster, in other traditions it represents swiftness and kindness. What will RABBIT reveal to you? I have a pretty amazing RABBIT story, in fact, it was responsible for my near death experince...come hear more, and learn what message rabbit has for you. Bring a journal and blindfold.

The 7th Element - Women's Retreat to Sedona
I am delighted to say that this trip is almost full. If you knwo anyone interested they should respond soon. The full info is at

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