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Sweat Lodge 4/22

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I want to invite you to a very special ceremony. I am pouring a sweat lodge this Wednesday night, 4/22, at 6pm in Shuttesbury, MA. It is an initiation into a new phase of my life and I really would love you to be there for support. My friend an teacher Len Mackey will be pouring this multicultural lodge with me, and he brings the didgeridoo.

The sweatlodge is a ceremony of purification and renewal. The steam from the heated stone people help you release your negativity and heaviness into Mother Earth as your prayers are carried to the Creator. We pray, we sing, we drum, we sweat, and we transform in total darkness. It is a sacred ceremony to help you release anything that limits you from being the amazing being that you are meant to be.

There are four rounds in honor of the directions. the lodge lasts, well, as long as it lasts, usually around 2 hours. There is preparation to do before hand, so you should plan to come as much as two hours early. Instructions are given. You should always hydrate well in the hours before a lodge and abstain from intoxicants for 48 hours prior.

If you can make it, here is what you need to know:
The lodge starts at 6, come early if you can.
Please bring a plastic bottle of water, two towels, and if you chose to wear clothing please make sure it is cotton with no metal. Please drink plenty of water before you come, and do not eat a heavy meal.

There is never a charge for attending the sweat lodge ceremony, however there will be a donation basket to help cover the cost of the lodge materials.

If you are interested in attending please contact me for the location of the lodge.

Call or email if you can make it, 978-544-1155.

There will be a lodge monthly. I am hoping to update my site to include the dates, but you know me, I seem to send info at the last minute (I need help with my web site!)

Contact me: or 413-772-0023