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Finding your animal totem tonight

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Hello Friends
For some reason the April dates did not appear on my site, and I am now wondering if anyone got the email for April classes??

In any case, there is a class tonight, and I am letting you know late again. If you are free, join us!

April 28, 2009, SHAMANIC STUDIES: Finding Your Animal Totem
7-9pm Greenfield, $25, please call to reserve your seat 413-772-0023

Each of us has an animal totem that helps us on our life journey. In days of
old this totem would have been given by an elder. Today, we can find this totem
through a shamanic journey.

Why has this animal chosen you? What lessons does it help with? How do I listen
to the wisdom it brings? These are some of the questions we will address. The
shamanic journey opens the door for communication.

Never been on a shamanic journey? No problem, all are welcome, no experience
necessary. New journeyers will be given instructions on how to connect, seasoned
journeyers will have a great time reconnecting.

Please bring a scarf to cover your eyes, water, and a journal.

Contact me: or 413-772-0023