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Sweat Lodge Sunday 7/26, and 8/23

DO NOT REPLY to this email. If you wish to contact me cut and paste:

Hello Friends

There will be a sweat lodge this Sunday, 7/26 in Wendell. Next month the lodge will be on Sunday 8/23.

**Please call to let me know you are coming. The lodge holds 12 people. If there are more than 12 we will run a second sweat.

Please come between 11-noon, we will go into the lodge at 1. If you are new to lodge it is important to come early. We create sacred space, so come early even if you a long time lodge attendee.

**WE NEED FIRETENDERS! If you are interested please call me, or come by 10am to learn. This is the most sacred of positions at the sweat lodge. It is an amazing experience, if you feel you might like to try it, follow that intuition.

There is never a charge for this ceremony, but there are always costs. If you are able to help there will be a donation basket, suggested donation is $15.

The Lodge is at Deva Skydancer’s, 41 Farley Rd., Wendell, MA (there are twinkle lights and a butterfly flag at the driveway.

Please come an hour early to prepare for the ceremony. We will go into the lodge as soon as the stone people are ready. Supplies for prayer ties are here, if you have any to donate feel free to bring. If you need directions please call 978-544-1155, (I don't check email enough) on the day of the lodge you can call Deva 978-544-1155

The sweat lodge is a ceremony of prayer and purification. It is a time for you to go back to the womb of the mother for rebirth, and to speak with Creator. You will receive the blessing that is intended and appropriate for you.
•   Please hydrate with water all day before a lodge.
•   In order to avoid dehydration it is best to refrain from alcohol the day before and after.
•   Bring 2 towels, a bottle of water, 2-3 stones (cantaloupe size, not from a river or water source),
•   Dry change of clothes
•   Any special item you wish to place on the sacred mound to be charged.
•   A dish of food to share after the ceremony
•   It is customary to bring either; a tobacco offering, sage, or cloth for prayer ties. In our current world, a money offering is also appreciated to cover the cost of wood and other supplies (the cost to run a lodge is about $60-$75). But no gift is required, the sweat lodge ceremony is a gift to the community, so please come.
•   Come at least one hour before the lodge is scheduled to start. During this time we connect, talk about the lodge, make prayer ties and get focused.

This lodge is mixed gender and clothing optional. Please plan to wear a towel in and out of the lodge to respect those friends who are modest. If you wish to wear clothing, make sure there are no zippers that can get hot, wear cotton or a bathing suit. Also bring a change of clothes for after the lodge.

Women on their moon-time are welcome, I can see no reason for separation; the lodge is for unity and healing. All power is honored here. But please plan to wear clothing.

After the lodge we will share a community meal and create a sharing circle to discus the effect of the lodge. This ceremony is to purify and to build community. The time of ending will depend on how the sharing circle goes. Feel free to leave when you need to.

Mitakuye Oyasin,
978-544-1155 in Wendell Mass

You have received this email because you have expressed an interest in ceremony in one of my circles. If I have contacted you by mistake just email me and ask to be removed from this list. If this is the case, I apologize for any misunderstanding. My desire is to offer ceremony to those who wish to participate

There will be a lodge monthly in Wendell, and my good friend John will be having a monthly lodge in Shutesbury. If you would like to be on his list let me know.

Elk Woman of Two Worlds

Contact me: or 413-772-0023