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Whole Health expo this weekend

Hello friends,

I hope you can join me this weekend, April 17-18, 2010. I will be speaking and exibiting at the Whole Health Expo, Clarion Hotel in Northampton, MA
Exibiting my new book "Memories of the Afterlife" and speaking.
Lecture: Memories of the Afterlife ~ Saturday 11-11:45am, Northampton Rm.
Book Signing - all weekend, visit my booth

Where do we go and what do we do after we die? These questions can be answered through regression to the afterlife memories. Using my own work and stories from the newest book by Michael Newton (et al) "Memories of the Afterlife" I will explain some of the stops that we visit after death, our mission with our soul group, how we make contracts with our soul mates and the High Counsel who help us choose the next life. Please visit my booth. For more info visit:

Contact me: or 413-772-0023