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Lodge Saturday, pls read even if not coming

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Hello Dear Friends

I want to update you regarding the status of our dear sister Deva. As I mentioned last time, she has been asked to leave her home and her world is devastated by that. She has not found a place that she can take her cats to and rent that she can afford. She has decided to put her things in storage and retreat to NC where her family has a home for her to recuperate. Her strength has taken a huge hit from this. So I want to thank you for the help you have sent in the form of your prayers and offer you another way to help.

The lodge will be dedicated to her, and any offerings brought will be given to her. If you are not attending the lodge and would like to support Deva with a money gift you can send it to Deva Skydancer, Wendell MA 01379. She will be leaving for NC around Feb 12.

If you are attending: I want to start the lodge early, so please come at 11am. This will be the last lodge at this location. Because Deva is packing her house I am asking that we bring only finger food, and use paper plates. After a brief gathering and some food, we will take down the lodge. This means removing all the blankets, cutting up the lodge and bundling it to be burned. There is so much snow, it will be interesting to watch how we accomplish this task. I have no stones, so I will likely need to buy some, the blankets laundered, and the rest of any money we have collected will go to Deva to help lighten the burden of first last and security.

I am so grateful to her for her service to this sacred ceremony. I am honored to be her friend. And I thank you for all the kind thoughts you have generated. See you Saturday.

Warm Blessings,
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