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Two events this weekend in Newburyport

Hi Friends
I will be in at the Yoga Center of Newburyport this weekend, two offerings. Check them out at their website Hope to see you there! Thanks for forwarding this to friends who might be interested.

Is there life "between" lives?

Friday Feb 25, 7:00pm
with Trish Casimira

There is a very specific place the soul goesafter each life to rest and discuss what the next incarnation should be. Certified by Dr. Newton, Trish Casimira says, "Exploring the soul's journey into the Spirit World between lives is like opening the doors to the library of the soul's 'eternal' memories." These may include how you chose your body and family in this life, how evolved your soul is, your destiny and ultimate life purpose, etc.

The powerful purpose of this work is to remember your soul contracts, what you agreed to learn in this lifetime, why you are here, and why you chose your mission and your lessons. Trish will share her years of experience as an LBL therapist and discuss the afterlife and share insights from the book Memories of the Afterlife.

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Soul Journeying: Healing the fragmented soul

Saturday February 26, 1:00-5:00pm
with Trish Casimira

We are shaped by the experiences we encounter on our soul journey. Sometimes there is an event that rocks us. When our soul is assaulted, even in the smallest way, we have many responses. One strategy is for a small part of the soul's energy to separate from us so that it can avoid the assault. Often it returns but sometimes it cannot find its way back. This absence of energy can leave us empty and confused. This loss diminishes our power.

In this gathering we will create a sacred space for you to review your life journey and find soul energy that has been missing. I will guide you on a shamanic regression journey to find, reconnect and reintegrate a lost soul fragment.

After years as a shamanic healer and hypnotherapist, I have developed this powerful technique for individuals to do their own healing. Soul Journeying is a vital part of the journey to wholeness.

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