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Medicien Wheel workshop 4/22 at Rowe Conf. Center

Hi Friends
I am very excited to bring my Medicine Wheel teachings - calling, listenning to and activating the directions - to Rowe conference center. It will be on Easter weekend, April 22-24. Please forwardt his to anyone you know who might be interested! Hope you can make it.

The 7th Element:
Earth Wisdom Teachings of the Medicine Wheel
Trish Casimira
April 22-24, Easter Weekend
Rowe Camp & Conference Center, Rowe, MA
The directions and natural elements of Mother Earth have great powers for transformation. When invoked with intention the energies begin to flow. We can then listen to the wisdom in that circle with our mind, our body and our spirit. We align with the energies of the earth and transformation happens. The 7th Element is the intention we use to call the directions and that intention is the key to opening this activation. This Medicine Wheel is a multidimensional grid that includes native teachings, sacred geometry, and the chakra system. A shamanic approach will take us on a deep journey to find a personal connection with the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel.

This workshop is based on the spiritual understanding and wisdom Trish has received from 15 years of working with the Medicine Wheel, and during that time learning from many powerful teachers. Walking the wheel brings it to life and invites expansive understanding of the energies it contains. Many of us have been in ritual and called the directions without being connected to the energies. This journey will strengthen your understanding and experience. If you are new you will learn the powers of each direction so that you can more fully participate in ceremonies and rituals. If you are experienced in calling the directions, this workshop will deepen your understanding of how to activate these energies.
What are the stories you tell yourself that hold you back? Bring them into the wheel and use the 7th element to reveal the wisdom of the directions. The Medicine Wheel we will create will be empowered by our collective intentions, providing a personal journey for each one, helping each person find his or her own distinct way. Once you understand the design, you will be able to walk into the wheel and create and energize it for yourself.

Trish Casimira is a gifted and intuitive healer, a clear and grounded teacher, and a great story teller. Her visionary practice expands the spiritual understanding of those who join in her circle. She has a chapter in an anthology by Michael Newton, Memories of the Afterlife: Life Between Lives and is the author of meditation CD’s. She has learned from a variety of powerful teachers, She is a keeper of the Lakota Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony, has taught at Rowe’s WomenCircles for 12 years, and walks the path of Native spirituality. Please see

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