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Sweat Lodge Saturday, 3pm, Royalston, MA

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Dear Friends,

Please join us at our next inipi sweatlodge ceremony
Saturday, July 14th. Directions are here:
We will be starting the fire at
1 PM and plan to enter the lodge at 3PM. We welcome you to participate in dressing the lodge and making the prayer ties and ask that you arrive by 2:30.

This is a multi-cultural lodge poured by Trish Casimira. The sweatlodge is a ceremony of prayer and purification. It is a time for you to go back to the womb of Mother Earth for rebirth, and to speak with Creator. You will receive the blessing that is intended and appropriate for you.

Please be sure to hydrate with water the day of the lodge. Bring any special item you wish to place on the sacred mound to be charged during the ceremony.

We suggest you bring at least two towels and a change of clothing. Do call us if you have questions about appropriate clothing, or any other concerns.

There is never a charge for ceremony, however there are expenses incurred by those who host a lodge. To help defray the cost of firewood, travel, herbs, fabric, honoring the land and the ongoing upkeep of the lodge, we will provide a basket where your requested donation of
$15. - $25. can be placed, if you are able to support in that way. It is important to make some exchange in order to feel connected. If money is not abundant there are many things that can be done in service to the land and this lodge.

We are always in need of stones (cantaloupe size, not from a river source), kindling and firewood. It is customary to bring either a tobacco offering, sage, or cloth for prayer ties.

It is traditional to share a potluck meal together after the lodge, so please bring a prepared dish.

We look forward to sharing ceremony with you,

Trish, Pat, Michael

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