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Shamanic Dreaming, 10-8, Wendell, MA

Columbus day is not a day of celebration for some of us, so I think it rather poignant that we gather on this night to journey into the shamanic realm. Lets journey to our spirit guides to find good medicine to heal this ancient wound, to help us seek harmony and unity.

Monday Oct 8, 7pm, Wendell Senior Center, 2 Lockes Village rd., Wendell, MA. Please bring a journal and blanket for the floor. For more details check out the event page on my website

Questions, please call me Trish:413-772-0023, I am so busy I am not checking email very often. You don't need a reservation, just come.

Mitakuye Oyasin,
"Elk Walking in Two Worlds"

Contact me: or 413-772-0023