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Lodge tomorrow, need stones and help early

Hello friends
I am looking forward to the lodge tomorrow! I have been fasting for my sundance prep, and tomorrow will be day 4; breaking a fast with a lodge is ideal. I am so grateful to all of you for this community.

Winter lodges are challenging, but so rewarding. But we need help to make it happen.

We need STONES. In the fall I failed to emphasize the need for bringing stones for the fire, and now we are so low that there are not enough. It will be difficult to find them in the snow now, but if everyone could find 2 or 3 stones and bring them, we would have enough for this lodge. We may end up having to buy some (this is one of the places your donations go).

We also need HELP to dig out the snow from the fire pit and the lodge, so if you can come early, many hands make light work! If some can come at 9 to help dig out the fire pit, then some at 10 to dig out the lodge, we should be able to do it.

Working to prepare this lodge will be rich with metaphor, the ceremony always brings a mirror for us to look into about our own walk. So come with snow boots, shovels, and gloves, and together we will clear the land and make the ceremonial lodge ready for our prayers.

I love and appreciate all of you for your support of this wonderful ceremony I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. We have about 6 new people coming, so our community is growing!

Please remember to drink lots of water tomorrow before going into the lodge. Bring a pot luck dish, and we will share a meal and conversation in Pat and Michael's beautiful home, thank you Pat and Michael!

Mitakoye Oyasin, we are all related
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