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WomenCircles? Conference call Monday, 7pm,

WomenCircles? Conference call Monday

Hello Friends
I am hosting a conference call tomorrow night and would love to invite all women, and thank you brothers for sharing this with women you know. Please help spread the word to as many woman as you can!

What's WomenCircles? You are invited to join a conference call. We are beginning to weave our web of women and want you to join us. On Monday, August 5th at 7 pm, we’ll be connecting via conference call to explore what’s planned for our week at Rowe August 24 – 29. Are you already signed up to attend? Are you thinking about attending? Please join us for a fun and informative conversation.

Some of our teachers will be sharing about their teaching and their lives, about how their workshops will support you in your own self-empowerment. You'll have time to ask any questions that you might have about WomenCircles.

We’re looking forward to weaving you into our web of women!

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Women can contact Martha directly at this email if they don't use Facebook in order to JOIN and get the phone number and code.

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