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Last Shamanic Dreaming, Wendell, 5/12

Hello Friends
Tomorrow night will be the last Shamanic Dreaming gathering in Wendell. I have been accepted into nursing school (yay) and my time for the next two years will be unpredictable, so I am letting this group go. We will meet in July and August in my Medicine Wheel in Shutesbury, then it will done. SO if you have ever wanted to come this is the last opportunity (although I may hold an impromptu gathering now and then).

Shamanic Dreaming - journey to Wisdom
Monday 5/12/14, 7pm
Wendell Senior Center, 2 Lockes Village Rd., Wendell, MA
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June 8, July 14 meets at The Medicine Wheel
61 Baker Rd, Shutesbury, MA

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