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Shamanic Dreaming in Medicine Wheel 7/14, sundance

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Dear Friends
I am on my way to Vt to dance at the Native American ceremony Sundance. I have a request, but first let me tell you about the next shamanic dreaming gathering. We will meet on Monday July 14, 7pm in the Medicine Wheel at my home, 61 Baker Rd, Shutesbury, MA our phone number here is 413-256-1331. It will be the day I return from Sundance, so I will likely share some things that happened, and your perhaps your personal journey will emerge from my stories. Please bring bug spray-we will be outside (if it rains we will gather indoors), a blanket or mat to sit on (the MW is wood chips, not too comfy on bare legs), your journal, and bandanna to cover your eyes. Drums and rattles always welcome but not necessary. Since I will still be a bit between the worlds if a few would like to come early to help me set that would be most appreciated.

Sundance: here is a lovely way you can support me and be connected to this ceremony. Please think of me and the dancers whenever you eat or drinking on Wed 7/8 thru Sat 7/12 as we will be fasting, dancing and sweating in lodge 3x a day. Your focus on us will send the vibrational energy and nourishment to us. It would be lovely if you could plan to sit and meditate while drinking a glass of water in the afternoon of those days. That is when we are most weary, but anytime is really welcomed and appreciated. When we are tuned in to someone, no matter how far away, we open a line of communication through the ethers and intentions travel much like the internet. So if you have a sudden urge to eat something strange, it may be that you are picking up on one of my thoughts, so please eat it and think of me (no alcohol or gluten please! ;-) If you suddenly wake up at 4am, that is when we are going in to our first sweat of the day to purify and prepare to pray in the dance, so please have some water for us, or send good thoughts of strength as you drift back to sleep; basically cheer us on whenever you think of me! Wa Doh, Thank you.

What is a Lakota Sundance?

The Sundance is one of the Seven Sacred Ceremonies given to the Lakota people. Sundance is a ceremony that represents life and rebirth. Sundance is a New Year ceremony celebrated in the summer, usually on a full moon. It is a very powerful and sacred ceremony that has withstood severe oppression many times since it was given to the People. It was once exclusively Lakota, but has become a ceremony employed by many other American Indian tribes. Each tribe has its own variation of Sundance.

The focus of this Ceremony is one prayer: healing for the Mother Earth. We are praying for all humanity. We are giving thanks for all the good things that the Creator has given to us.

The Lakota Wimmin’s Sundance lasts 8 days. The first four days are spent in purification, ridding oneself of physical and emotional wastes, and preparing for the Creator’s help and blessing. The last four days are the ones in which the dancing and most of the Ceremony take place.

What is an "Inipi"?

The Inipi, or Sweat Lodge, is the way we pray to the Creator. The Sweat Lodge is the purification process, which begins and ends all Lakota Ceremonies. The lodge represents the womb of our Mother Earth, and when we crawl out at the end of the Inipi Ceremony, it is like a rebirth.

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